Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheryl and Duncan and Blade Lust Can Be Powerful

Cheryl is in love with Duncan in Something in the Blood, but in this relationship, we find Blade.  Cheryl thwarts the advances of Blade,but will she do that forever?  Will she want to?  

How much does lust override love in anyone's life?  How many of you have been unsure of your feelings when someone else suddenly enters the picture,or the mix?

Cheryl feels love,mixed with loyalty for Duncan,after Duncan saved her life and helped her family and friends several times. But lust can be quite strong,especially when someone as suave and handsome as Blade makes advances to her. To top it all off she looks like a woman Blade once loved very, very much.

What should Cheryl do?  What will she do?


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