Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Assassin's Mate

She came to claim the body of the Assassin and to take their son home. After all she didn't want Chad to be all alone in a strange city now the Assassin is dead.

She had no idea that Chad had been killed too.  When the police officer told her Chad is dead, she raged inside.  Now she vows to seek revenge on the vampire group., of which Cheryl is now one of. The Assassin's mate is pissed and wants blood.  

She finds out she is no match for the pack of vampires,now larger than she thought. She must seek help.  But she wants them all dead!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vampire diaries

Vampires,through the ages, have intrigued many people.  What is so fascinating about vampires?  Is it because they are so mysterious, is it because the idea of immortality intrigues people?  But, whatever the reasons, vampires have held our interests and curiosity for many, many years.

Some like their vampires with human qualities,love,desires and sexual encounters.  Others like them to be the ruthless killers they were meant to be-quoted from a person on goodread-but who says they have to be one way or another.

How ever you like your vampires served up does not matter.  Vampires come in all flavors.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cheryl and Duncan and Blade Lust Can Be Powerful

Cheryl is in love with Duncan in Something in the Blood, but in this relationship, we find Blade.  Cheryl thwarts the advances of Blade,but will she do that forever?  Will she want to?  

How much does lust override love in anyone's life?  How many of you have been unsure of your feelings when someone else suddenly enters the picture,or the mix?

Cheryl feels love,mixed with loyalty for Duncan,after Duncan saved her life and helped her family and friends several times. But lust can be quite strong,especially when someone as suave and handsome as Blade makes advances to her. To top it all off she looks like a woman Blade once loved very, very much.

What should Cheryl do?  What will she do?

Monday, September 19, 2011

A nice opportunity

On the blog site:    There exists the opportunity for indie authors to be interviewed and featured. People have no idea we exist unless we tell them about our books.  Indie authors should support each other as much as possible. 

Check out that site and email them letting them know you want an interview. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Being a person

So when we write,love,live life, experience the entire gauntlet, we wish others would read us. We come here,hoping to make friends, get some comments, but alas, blogging is much like publishing books.  You post and they will come,or you write and they will buy, is not always true.

But still we post in hopes of some readers finding us.

On books:  There are some excellent books on the market, but by the same token,there is also crap passing for good stuff.  To each his own I suppose as the saying goes.

What do I do after leaving the big, corporate giant world of the 9 to 5?  I write, I blog, I'm living the life,as a dear friend pointed out to me.  This is true.

We are conditioned to think,as too many of my friends the same age as me think, to work, work,work until we drop. We make other people rich by all our hard work.

Some will say:If I retired or strike out on my own,what would I do?   Well I am enjoying life, not just two weeks of each year, on a vacation,where I may relax, I may not, because*sigh*  work is waiting for me after those two weeks. Ahhhhhhh Corporate America, you have conditioned my friends well. 

Here's the rub:  Corporate America has forsaken us, so I write, for me,for my fan base because I may as well know that the money from that is mine,not Corporate America's. 

Final episode in the series

I have just started working on the final addition to the Something in the Blood series.  I just want to update my fans to this information.

Does Cheryl finally turn?   What does she finally do, and are they ever free of the Assassin?  You must read this final episode to find out.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

This final installment promises even more twists and turns than the first two offered.  I hope all my fans will be looking for this new book.  I will keep you updated as to when it is finally finished and up on Amazon and Kindle. 

 Cover designed by S. Weathers - aka - Vietnamvet68

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Evil vampires

So, I'm asking,why do vampires have to be evil?  I have gotten some flack, just a little, about vampires need to be evil and remain the blood sucking villains that they have always been.

Just because authors of long ago and Hollywood portrays them as such, usually, I see no reason that if corporations can be deemed as people, well maybe vampires can too.  Who knows?   Since few people know any personally anyway, I figure vampires can be anything an author wants them to be.  

They make the perfect boyfriends, always rich, offering you immortality and in Cheryl's case, a hot car too.  Give a vampire a break month!