Thursday, June 23, 2011

Excerpt Something in the Blood I

Out on the open road I realized I didn't know the exact way back to the city. I couldn't rely on asking Karla because she was so drunk I'm not sure she'd know her own name if I asked her, much less remember directions.

After driving for about twenty minutes, the road was dark and I knew I'd taken a wrong turn somewhere. I opened my cell and it wasn't detecting any service way out here. Suddenly I felt a thump and it got louder as we continued down the road. When the car started to steer violently to the left, I knew it was a flat tire. I'd never changed a tire in my life and I wasn't even sure if there was a jack in the back or even a spare, I had never checked.

I had no choice but to pull over to the side of the road. I decided I'd better get out and check for a spare and a jack and do my best to try and change the flat tire. How hard could it be? I opened the trunk and felt around for something, anything I could use.

I saw car lights in the distance. I was hoping maybe somebody could assist us with changing the tire. Maybe a kind elderly couple or something, I was hoping. The car pulled up beside us and my heart sank, two burly looking guys and the driver had an evil smile on his face.

“Hey, Baby, need some help?”

“That's OK, I think I can handle this by myself. But thanks anyway.” I was hoping by sounding sweet they'd just take off. I didn't want my tone to piss them off.

“Come on, Baby. I can help you out, don't play hard to get.”

I didn't like the tone of his voice at all. I backed up as the driver got out of the car and came towards me. The more I stepped back, the closer he tried to come.

The passenger was shinning a flashlight in the front seat of the Mustang. “Well look what we have here, another little cutie. We could have us a party.”

I was beginning to get scared now. I knew they weren't up to any good and I seriously doubted they were here to help us.

“You guys can go, thanks anyway, we'll be fine.” I hoped I could brush them off.

The flashlight guy opened the door where Karla was sitting. He reached in and grabbed her. I started towards her when the other guy grabbed me from behind.

“Relax, your friend will be just fine. We just plan on having a little fun is all. Don't get excited.”

I was crying and pleading to leave us alone when he placed his hand over my mouth. I could see Karla was fully awake now, on the ground where the other guy was trying to unbutton her shirt.

I thought to myself, this is it. We're in real trouble now. Why oh why did I let Karla talk me into going to that stupid party.

I closed my eyes so as not to see what would happen next when I heard another car approaching. Thank God I thought to myself.

“We better get out of here. Come on.” Flashlight guy was heading for the car.

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice say: “What's the hurry boys? No need to leave on my account.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something in the Blood

Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense”

Mark Overby

I was never more aware of another world, apart from our own, than I was in the summer of my 17th year.
How had I never been conscious of this other world

This is the story of a young girl, Cheryl, who in her 17th year of life, discovers there is another world, the world of the supernatural.  She is suddenly thrust into this new world and falls in love with Duncan, a knight in shining armor.  Excerpt from Something in the Blood: 

When we walked in the door, it seemed like everyone was staring at us, or at Duncan anyway. The lady behind the podium smiled like she knew him. “Hi Duncan, do you want the usual table?”

“Yes, that will be just fine.” He answered back. It made me wonder if Duncan brought a lot of girls to this place. I felt a small twinge of jealousy but I quickly got over it as we were escorted to our table.

“The best table in the house, as always.” The lady said. Duncan smiled and the waiter came over quickly and asked what we'd like to drink. “I'll take a Coke.” I said. Duncan said he was fine and the waiter nodded and went to get my drink. I looked around and looked out the big window next to us. The view was breathtaking. We could see almost the entire city from this window. I could see why it was the best table in the house as I took in the view.

“So,” I began. “Are you some kind of space alien?”

Duncan looked puzzled and his eyebrows came together just above his nose in an endearing way. I thought how damned cute he looked when he did that.

“What do you mean, space alien?” He almost had a laughable tone to his voice when he asked me.

“Well people seem to all know you, almost revere you. I just wondered if you have some alien quality about you or something.”

“Oh, you mean like the X-Files kind of thing?” He seemed to be mocking me, but not in a bad or malicious way.

“Well yeah, maybe like the X-Files thing.”

“Yes I'm an alien and the hearse strikes you as a space ship?”

“Yeah, OK so maybe you can shape shift the hearse and make it seem like it's a car.” The minute I said that, it sounded dumb, even to me.

“Nope, not an alien, at least not a space alien anyway.”

I wondered what in hell that meant, 'not a space alien.' But I dropped that question. “Well, a rock star, a celebrity of some sort?”

“Nada, none of the above, sorry to disappoint you. Were you hoping for some mystery here?”

I pondered what he said for a minute and just as I was going to ask more, the waiter asked if we were ready to order.

Duncan looked at me: “Ladies first. Do you know what you want?”

“A burger? Is it OK to order a burger in this fancy place?”

Duncan smiled and said: “Whatever you like. I like a lady who's easy to please. Do you think you can whip up a burger for my date?” He was looking at the waiter and smiling.

“Absolutely, Sir. How do you want that? Medium, rare or well done, Madame?”

“Oh, well done, and some fries too, with gravy?”

“Certainly, Madame, coming right up. And you, Sir, what can I get for you?”

“I'll take a steak, very rare.”